Investing in the Future

In the late 90s, Baird founded Sarasota-based, then Access USA, as a mail forwarding operation before transitioning into shipping American products to customers overseas. The company started as a seed of an idea planted over dinner with his entrepreneurial mother, and after taking a $30,000 loan and free advertising space in her catalog, Shop the World by Mail, he established the enterprise in a 700 square-foot office off U.S. 41. Over the next 15 years, Baird would grow into a global operation with more than 400,000 customers worldwide, earning him the Review’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 award. Baird sold the company in July of 2012, on his 43rd birthday. was valued at over $200 million upon his departure.

In the interim, Baird has channeled his passion for business and entrepreneurial background through Baird Inc., his investment company that specializes in senior-secured and asset-based lending to alter the trajectory of growing small businesses.

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